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Native British English Hardwood Timber

We personally select and saw our British timber, available as fresh sawn, air dried and kiln dried boards.  Species include English Ash, Oak, Sycamore, Elm, Lime, Chestnut, Cherry and Yew.

European waney square edge hardwood hardwood timber

Prime grade European timber, available as square and waney edge boards.  We also source European timber specially to order.  Species include European Oak, Walnut, Beech, Olive and Elm.

American imported square waney hardwood timber

FAS prime grade American square and waney edge boards.  Standard widths and extra wide boards available.  Species include American Black Walnut, Poplar, Maple, Cherry, White Ash, Red Elm, White and Red Oak.

Tropical exotic hardwood timber

Tropical Timber

Species in stock include Iroko, Utile, West African Mahogany, Idigbo, Bubinga, Golden Wenge and African Walnut.

Softwood British English Imported timber

Softwood Timber

British and imported softwood available as square and waney edge boards.  Species include Larch, Cedar, Douglas Fir, Yew, Pine, Redwood and Spruce.

Kiln Dried Timber Warehouse

Download our stock list showing species and grade details.  We also source timber to order.

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