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British Timber

We select our British timber logs from trees grown in well managed forests and estates around the UK.

We grade the timber as we saw the logs, and air dry it in our yard for around one year per inch of thickness.  Our air dried timber is then kiln dried in our on site kilns which are fuelled by waste from our workshops.  

We are committed to sourcing our timber sustainably and are certified by several chain of custody schemes to supply responsibly sourced timber.

English Ash Log measure timber sawn dried
English Ash air dried kiln dried fresh sawn boards timber

English Ash

We are one of the largest processors of English Ash in the UK due to our original relationship with the British furniture industry, and offer it in Colour No Defect (CND), White, Prime, Quarter Sawn and Seat Table grades.  English Ash displays an attractive variety of colour and grain along with special features in burr, ripple and quilted boards.

English Oak

Our selection of English Oak is based on decades of experience of working with furniture makers, joiners and the construction industry to fulfil requirements for a wide range of uses.  Grades include Prime, Quarter Sawn, Character, Brown, Pippy and we also stock beams and squares, often produced to specification.  English Oak is durable and presents many appealing characteristics in burr, pippy, ripple and tiger boards.

English Sycamore

We have great expertise in processing English Sycamore logs to produce the quality of timber necessary in the detailing for furniture, instruments and turning.  Offered in White, Ripple and Colour No Defect (CND) grades, English Sycamore has a fine even texture with subtle delicate figuring.

English Elm

We source English Elm logs and have the knowledge to carefully maximise yield from this relatively scarce timber for furniture, joinery and flooring.  English Elm features distinctive grain and beautiful colour tones.

Additional British Timbers

Douglas Fir
Sitka Spruce

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