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European Timber

We offer European Timber as kiln dried square edge boards and waney edge log sawn boards and logs.

Our stock is available for your inspection to select the best timber for your project and minimise wastage, or we can select to your requirements.  

We are committed to sourcing our timber sustainably and are certified by several chain of custody schemes to supply responsibly sourced timber.

European Walnut
European Oak Log Boule

European Oak

Our selection of Prime European Oak is based on our comprehensive understanding of customer requirements for joinery, furniture making, flooring and construction.  European Oak is a strong durable timber, usually with a straight grain and medullary ray featuring in quarter sawn boards.  Our Prime European Oak is available as log sawn boules and square edge boards in short to very long lengths, including extra wide boards.


European Walnut

We have significant expertise in sourcing the finest Prime European Walnut for interior joinery and furniture.  European Walnut has attractive colouring and grain figuring, and can be polished to a fine finish.


European Beech

Prime European Beech is a versatile strong timber which we offer as unsteamed and steamed square edge kiln dried boards.  Often used in cabinet making, interior joinery and turning, it also steam bends and glues well.

Additional European Timbers

European Redwood

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