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Planed rebated shaped timber

Mouldings & Panelling


Flooring & Cladding

From planed square edge to architectural mouldings supplied in any species.  Standard profiles available, or we can create bespoke profiles from any drawings or samples provided.

Oak Pip Curved Component

Furniture Components

We supply seat blanks, square and turned components, tops and panels at the stage of production you require.  We support product development, advising on timber applications and prototypes.

Manufactured to specification in standard and custom profiles.  Any species and extra wide boards available in random or set fixed lengths and widths.


Steam Bends

Our on site steam bending workshop produces timber bends often used in chair making, cabinetry and vintage car restoration. We also produce bending staves for you to shape.

English Oak Worktop Joined Boards Timber

Table Tops, Worktops & Shelving

Joined boards supplied ready for your final finish.  Selected from your chosen species and produced in your specified thickness, width and length.

Timber Column Walnut Bespoke Custom Profile Section

Cutter Grinding

Our on site cutter grinding service creates templates from your drawing or samples to produce non standard bespoke profiles.  Used in creative design and to match existing timber features in conservation projects.

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