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American Timber

We stock American Timber as kiln dried square edge boards and waney edge log sawn boards.

Our stock is available for your inspection to select the best timber for your project and minimise wastage, or we can select to your requirements.  

We are committed to sourcing our timber sustainably and are certified by several chain of custody schemes to supply responsibly sourced timber.


American Black Walnut

We stock a comprehensive selection of Prime American Black Walnut, in square and waney edge, wide and narrow boards.  American Black Walnut is tough, works well and can be polished to a beautifully coloured fine finish.  It can feature straight or wavy grain and is suitable for purposes including furniture, interior joinery and steam bending.


American Poplar (Tulipwood)

Our Prime American Poplar (Tulipwood) kiln dried square edge boards satisfy requirements for standard and extra wide boards in a complete range of thicknesses.  Tulipwood has a fine straight grain and accepts stains, varnish and paints very well.


American Cherry

We source an extensive selection of Prime American Cherry waney edge boards, in a full range of thicknesses useful for furniture, joinery, turning and steam bending.  American Cherry features pink to reddish brown colours, with straight grain and a fine texture.

American Maple

We offer Prime American Hard Maple, a heavy hard wearing timber, plus Prime Steamed American Soft Maple ideal for steam bending.

Additional American Timbers

American White Ash
American White Oak
American Red Oak
American Red Elm
American Red Alder

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